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Political Populism, Public Opinions and Prime Ministers

Political Populism, Public Opinions and Prime Ministers

By Ooi Kee Beng For The Edge, Kuala Lumpur, September 29, 2014 It is indeed a heavy sign of the times that more and more ex-leaders are adopting the Internet as the preferred avenue for publicising their views. And why should they not? The arrival of the World Wide Web and all the fast-evolving social … Continue reading


THIS SITE is where I deposit my writings. They are my contribution to the expansion of public discourses on society and life - especially in an Asia where public discussions are more often than not warped by nationalism, jingoism, statism, ethnocentrism, economism and self-orientalism.

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Latest Malaysia news via Lim Kit Siang’s tweets (whose better?)

  • A Malay "tidak siuman" burnt pages of Quran - but Chinese community in Kedah blamed! Height of irresponsible politics of hatred/bigotry 5 hours ago
  • But Mashitah, ex-deputy minister in PMO, must take cake 4most irresponsible provocative insensitive speech to incite hatred/bigotry ... 5 hours ago
  • Khairy said Malays under siege n time 4patience is over. Would he approve if MCA/MIC Youth leaders said same thing about Chinese n Indians? 5 hours ago
  • UMNO Youth leader Khairy revealed his worries that UMNO is fighting a lost cause in the battle for the hearts and minds of “Gen Y”... 5 hours ago
  • Another riddle resolved by the screening of slides of the bloody May 13 race riots at the UMNO General Assembly this morning... 5 hours ago
  • ...hinting at “another candidate” already waiting on the sidelines and ready to pounce on Najib should the unacceptable happen. 5 hours ago

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