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Islam – Up For Grabs

Islam – Up For Grabs

By OOI KEE BENG For YaleGlobal Online, MacMillan Center. 26 June 2014. The world is on the watch for Islamic extremism – recent examples include the execution of some 1,700 Shia solders in Iraq and the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls in Nigeria. Two dynamics are underway that confound international relations, argues Ooi Kee … Continue reading


THIS SITE is where I deposit my writings. They are my contribution to the expansion of public discourses on society and life - especially in an Asia where public discussions are more often than not warped by nationalism, jingoism, statism, ethnocentrism, economism and self-orientalism.

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Latest Malaysia news via Lim Kit Siang’s tweets (whose better?)

  • Ukraine troops nearing MH-17 crash site; U.N. opens war-crime probe - By Steven Zeitchik, Carol William (LAT) goo.gl/oES1BA 3 hours ago
  • 4. 2launch campaign 2highlight injustices of Sabah State Assembly in suspending DAP SA 4Likas June Wong for 6 mths 4matters unrelated 2 SA! 20 hours ago
  • 3. launch Post-Msia Sabahans Awakening Movement 2inspire new generation of Sabahans from all ethnic groups, religions n gender 2lead change 20 hours ago
  • 2. launch "Batu Sumpah" campaign 2mobilise Sabahans 2demand BN. Govt remain true loyal steadfast to 20 Points n Batu Sumpah Keningau. 20 hours ago
  • Sabah DAP's 4immediate challenges:1.2launch state-wide mass signature campaign 2demand Najib immediately make public report RCIII in Sabah 21 hours ago
  • Dyana: Punishing teachers for FB post 'despicable' (Mkini) s.m5.malaysiakini.com/news/269958.ht… 1 day ago

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