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For a Society Civil and Decent

Interview with Ambiga Sreenevasan: Penang Monthly  editor Ooi Kee Beng talks to Bersih icon Ambiga Sreenevasan between sessions at the inaugural ASEAN Coalition for Clean Governance conference on civil society and asks why she thinks “Malaysians are a great people”.   Ooi Kee Beng: Let’s discuss the recent rise of civil society activism in Malaysia. … Continue reading

Dignity is the basic human right

By Ooi Kee Beng [Editorial for Penang Monthly August 2012] The so-called Arab spring that began with the public suicide on 17 December 2010 of a miserable Tunisian vegetable seller whose cart was towed away by the police is often denoted a pro-democracy movement. That latter term is technically correct, seeing how it quickly led … Continue reading

Of Female Liberation and Suppression

By OOI KEE BENG [Editorial in PENANG MONTHLY, April 2012] For all movements of liberation, the key to successful initiatives lies in identifying what the means of sustained suppression are, and to know which area is the most strategic to attack at a given time. No doubt, some areas are more fundamental than others and … Continue reading