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My Smartphone is My Sword

By Ooi Kee Beng Penang Monthly editorial, February 2017 Culture, if you ask me, is the joint expression of the inter-personal behaviours of a particular society over time. Within that, we find comfort and orientation in life. The key word is “time”. When profound changes come at us at great speed, how we behave towards … Continue reading

Malaysian Envelopment

By Ooi Kee Beng [Editorial for Penang Monthly, 2012] How concepts relate to each other is always revealing. A close look at them always arouses new ways of thinking. The same goes for discovering the lost origins of words. Most of us have feasted ourselves on the connections between “revolution”, “evolution” and even “involution”. Lately, “devolution” … Continue reading

The search engine revolution (PEM Editorial June 2011)

By Ooi Kee Beng I REMEMBER fidgeting for endless hours on the Internet back in the mid-1990s. To be honest, that was the reason why my studies took so long to complete. The browser available then was a little application called NCSA Mosaic. There were very few pages to go to at that time, to … Continue reading

Literally peaking (PEM Editorial May 2011)

INDEED, becoming literate used to be one of the best career moves anyone could make. In ancient China for example, extended families would concentrate their resources to make the smartest kid amongst them as literate in the classics as he – not she – could be. That way, he might pass the imperial exams, become … Continue reading