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No need to let bigots dictate policy

By OOI KEE BENG, for The Edge Malaysia, 23 October 2017. A nation starts building itself long before the nation-state is established. There were Germans before Germany was established, and there were Italians before Italy was founded. There were definitely Malayans with a sense of being Malayans before Malaya was founded in 1957. Where the … Continue reading

The UAE Passes an Anti-Discriminatory Law Worth Importing

Editorial for Penang Monthly, August 2015. I WAS IN Abu Dhabi recently for the first time. The United Arab Emirates is a strange land. Its citizens make up only 15% of the whole population. The rest are foreigners of one kind or another and from all parts of the world. It is in that sense … Continue reading

May we remain tentative when understanding others

By Ooi Kee Beng [Editorial in Penang Economic Monthly, October 2011] Calling a spade a spade is easy enough when you live in a small monolingual and mono-cultural society – such societies are necessarily small. But try doing that in a multilingual and multicultural place like Malaysia, and you quickly realise that a lot of … Continue reading