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Excessive Governance is not Good Governance

By Ooi Kee Beng For The Edge Malaysia, 2 October 2016 The word “Governance” has the same roots as “Government”. However, the recent popularity of the use of “governance” comes from the growing notion of looking at political control as a technical matter, and of an increasing tendency to think of the government—and the governing—of … Continue reading

Let’s be cosmopolitan and leave multi-ethnicity behind

Editorial for Penang Monthly, April 2015 By OOI KEE BENG It is fascinating how seemingly innocuous words actually are not. Especially those that sound neutral, even ethically positive. That is why the sage never thinks in haste, because he knows the words that bear his thoughts cannot be trusted and his listener’s ability to understand … Continue reading

When the national narrative loses the script

By Ooi Kee Beng For The EDGE Malaysia, April 2015 Malaysia is in serious trouble today because the different narratives that have been driving politics in the country for more than half a century have come into direct conflict with each other. This shows more clearly than ever that what was always important for social … Continue reading

The Unity Fetish

Cover Story for Penang Monthly, February 2015 By OOI KEE BENG fe•tish noun \ˈfe-tish also ˈfē-\ : a strong and unusual need or desire for something : a need or desire for an object, body part or activity for sexual excitement : an object that is believed to have magical powers Standfirst: Building a nation … Continue reading

Education is Not Only for Building a Common Identity

By OOI KEE BENG, Editorial for Penang Monthly, December 2014 Education is a key issue in nation building; and in no other country has that been more evident than in Malaysia where so much contestation since the 1950s has been about school types and the language of instruction. As soon as self-governance was obtained in … Continue reading

Let’s see some nation-first leadership on the road to 2020

By OOI KEE BENG, for THE EDGE, Malaysia, 29 December 2013 One thing you learn from driving school is to plan your journey before you set off. This good advice holds for any journey really, including Malaysia’s route to 2020. Not only is proper comprehensive and goal-oriented planning needed, but some precise navigation is needed … Continue reading

After all these years, Malaysia still held hostage

 SEPTEMBER 04, 2013 In thinking about 2013, the year the Federation of Malaysia celebrates its 50th anniversary, one cannot but compare the national atmosphere to that in 2007, the year the Federation of Malaya celebrated its 50th anniversary. I remember that the New Straits Times under … Continue reading

The Future Direction of Malaysian Political Discourses Is Being Decided Now

By Ooi Kee Beng In The Edge 26 June 2013 The elections are now over. However, it is not to what degree the promises made by politicians in desperate moments are kept which should concern the Malaysian public as much as the political disputes, and whether these will now revert to the race-baiting that we … Continue reading

The Deuce Position and Najib’s Incumbency Advantage

By Ooi Kee Beng [This article was first published in The Edge Malaysia, Nov 26-Dec 2 issue] THE coming into being of a steady two-party system in Malaysia is often thought of as a necessary step in democratic development. But we have to remind ourselves that the process itself, the detailed dynamics of that transformation, … Continue reading

The Longest Journey Starts with the First Step

By Ooi Kee Beng [Editorial in Penang Monthly July 2012] The conference organized by Penang Institute and held on 25th June 2012 at the famed Eastern & Oriental Hotel is interesting for many reasons outside of all the fascinating things said by the impressive row of speakers. The participants were certainly an impressive lot, and … Continue reading