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Can Competition allow Compassion?

(Talk given by Ooi Kee Beng at the Johor Bahru Rotary Club on 14 June 2011) I SUPPOSE we are here today to discuss the question, Why so much ado about an election that saw the incumbent still controlling 81 of 87 parliamentary seats at the end of it? What is the big deal? Why … Continue reading

Not business as usual for PAP

SINGAPORE’S ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) has never been one to take chances. Believing in its ability to identify society’s best talents and recruit them into its ranks, the party developed scant respect for the electoral democracy inherent in the country’s political structure. Its ever powerful control of the mass media, its unconstrained changing of … Continue reading

Time to cast the ballots

TODAY, Singaporeans go to the polls. Nothing strange about that, they do this every fifth year or so. And given the dominance of the ruling People‚Äôs Action Party (PAP), its impressive track record of building the island state into a powerful economy, its control over the apparatus of state, its pre-emptive nature especially where elections … Continue reading