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Southeast Asia – Peripheral No More

By Ooi Kee Beng, for The Edge Malaysia, 27 October 2014. South of China, east of India and north of Australia, much is about to happen. This is besides the endless outbreaks of diplomatic antipathy and maritime scuffles between claimant states in the South China Sea, all poignantly signifying Beijing’s inevitably enhanced role in East … Continue reading

Soft Handling of Divisions is ASEAN’s Strength

By Ooi Kee Beng For THE EDGE, Malaysia,30 March 2014 One trend is quite certain in these uncertain times, and that is that China’s political economy’s impact on the world will increase for a long time to come. For the Big Powers, China’s rise is understood sometimes as a win-win situation, but oftentimes as a … Continue reading

ASEAN – A Post Colonial Sisterhood

By Ooi Kee Beng For THE EDGE, Kuala Lumpur. 28 April 2012.   With Myanmar opening up faster than anyone ever expected the question how ASEAN is to develop as a community in the near future gets ever more interesting. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” is of course a saying … Continue reading