Penang Economic Monthly

The Penang Economic Monthly, a think tank magazine that has been around for 11 years, has been overhauled and commercialised. This endeavour is in response to the growing insight among Penangites and Penang lovers that the downward trend in the state’s fortunes cannot be successfully reversed unless they themselves get seriously involved. The goal is to inspire positive action among readers towards attaining a “Penang Renaissance”. The Socio-Economic and Environmental Research Institute (SERI) is therefore creating a print product that will do the following simultaneously:

  1. Offer reliable socio-economic data for the benefit of decision makers in government and the private sector;
  2. Supply Penangites with knowledge about significant issues that will promote public participation;
  3. Encourage discussion about various aspects of Penang’s fate and fortune;
  4. Provide information about Penang personalities who have contributed, sometimes in very unassuming but critical ways, to the reputation and well-being of the state;
  5. Place the spotlight on ordinary Penangites who are otherwise unnoticed and ignored, but who nevertheless define the culture of the state in essential ways;
  6. Highlight the importance of the island as a generator of culture, education, industry and cosmopolitanism,
  7. Emphasise present trends in the arts, industry, politics and economics that are prominent in Penang, and that affect the immediate future of the state and country; and,
  8. Discover and display Penang’s multifaceted history. This monthly magazine seeks, in the final analysis, to capture, present, enhance and represent the positive dynamism of Penang state and its people

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