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Dialogue with a KL cabbie

By Ooi Kee Beng For The Edge Malaysia, 27 March 2017. Also published in Penang Monthly, May 2017. I paid at the counter for a taxi at KLIA2 a few weeks ago to take me to Bandar Sunway. My cabbie was an elderly Malay man who liked quoting Shakespeare. (Well, he was somewhat older even … Continue reading

Merdeka for the Mind

By OOI KEE BENG For THE EDGE Malaysia, November 30-December 5, 2015 Merdeka is the country’s most important word. It defines the country’s original aspirations and means a great deal to older Malaysians. For that reason alone, young Malaysians should study what it means for them to be heir to that imposing legacy. All Malaysians … Continue reading

The Written Word in a Democratised World

KEYNOTE SPEECH at the George Town Literary Festival 2013 held on 29 November to 1 December 2013. By OOI KEE BENG Literature and the Individual The only subject I was really excited by when I went to school here in Penang four decades ago was Literature, both as a subject and in the form of … Continue reading

We all need overexposure

By OOI KEE BENG, Editorial for Penang Monthly, November 2013 Since our cover story for the month is about the future of education in Malaysia, I would like to take up the issue of exposure as a necessary element in the intellectual development of an individual. And this applies to all ages. What does it … Continue reading