Bersih 3.0

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For a Society Civil and Decent

Interview with Ambiga Sreenevasan: Penang Monthly  editor Ooi Kee Beng talks to Bersih icon Ambiga Sreenevasan between sessions at the inaugural ASEAN Coalition for Clean Governance conference on civil society and asks why she thinks “Malaysians are a great people”.   Ooi Kee Beng: Let’s discuss the recent rise of civil society activism in Malaysia. … Continue reading

A general over a hesitant army

Caught between hardliners and need for change, PM Najib’s slow pace of reforms fed Bersih 3.0’s huge crowds By Ooi Kee Beng For TODAY Newspaper │ 30 April 2012 And so the third Bersih rally has taken place. It cannot be understood in isolation from the political dynamics of the last few years. The demonstration … Continue reading